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A Tsunami of Wonderful: How the Long Tail of Publishing Is Finally Overwhelming the Early Adopter eBook Bounce — and What This Means for Fiction Writers Going Forward

Scott William Carter   October 20, 2013  

Well, that title is a mouthful, isn’t it?  I thought of naming this post something shorter and pithier, but as long as that title is, I think it really encompasses what I want to say.   And somehow Things Are Going to Be Different Now, while just as accurate, didn’t quite cut it. The pin oaks and maples outside my office… Read more »

Guest at North Coast Redwoods Writer’s Conference

Scott William Carter   July 30, 2011  

If you’re a writer anywhere near Crescent City, California on September 16-17, consider attending the North Coast Redwoods Writer’s Conference.  I’ll be one of the guest speakers, and one of the things I’ll be talking about are all the amazing changes taking place in the publishing industry — and how you can take advantage of them.  (I’m going to touch… Read more »

Wooden Bones: Revisions

Scott William Carter   December 23, 2010  

I mentioned when I sold Wooden Bones that I’d try to give a little more of an inside view of the process as things chug along.  Selling a book to a major New York publisher like Simon and Schuster is a long process.  Going from selling a book to seeing it in a bookstore in anything less than a year… Read more »