My First Book Has a Cover

Scott William Carter   July 20, 2009  

Last week, my editor at Simon and Schuster emailed me the cover to my first novel, The Last Great Getaway of the Water Balloon BoysAs of today, it’s now showing up on and all the other usual places.  I’m very excited about it, because it has exactly the pulpy, adventure feel I was going for:

I love my name on the hood of the car.  A real nice touch.  I should also mention that the book, which is scheduled to be published April 27, 2010 in hardcover, is now available for preorder.  Amazon has even got it discounted down to $11.55.  Think of it, for just over ten bucks you can order a first edition hardcover to my first book.   If I wasn’t me, I’d order it myself.

And as far as reading goes, this story of two teenagers who steal their principal’s ’67 Mustang and end up on a life-changing road trip should be a rip-roaring read.  Think of it as The Catcher in the Rye meets Thelma and Louise.  If you’ve ever been a teenage boy, or had a child who was a teenage boy, or known someone who was a teenage boy, or just flat out wanted to know what teenage boys think, hey, this is the book for you.  Don’t delay.  I can’t throw in any special gifts, but you’ll have my eternal gratitude.

13 thoughts on “My First Book Has a Cover

  1. Scott Post author

    Thanks, Russ and Leslie! It’s a little like seeing your baby in the flesh for the first time. Except not quite so messy. :)

  2. Dave Hendrickson

    Looks great!

    Based on the other writing of yours that I’ve read, I expect what’s inside the cover to be even better than the cover itself.

  3. Maggie Jaimeson

    Very cool, Scott. I will pre-order prior to the 2010 release (but not at the moment). I definitely want to know what teenage boys think. Even though I raised two of them I still don’t know because they never talked about what they were thinking. :)

    So glad to see this coming to fruition and I’ve heard some good prepress comments from a number of venues so I’m hoping for a slamming start for your sales.

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