A New Edition of The Dinosaur Diaries (and Some Thoughts About WIBBOW)

Scott William Carter   July 15, 2014  

My first short story collection, The Dinosaur Diaries and Other Tales Across Space and Time, has been republished by Flying Raven Press  (links to retailers below).  This is my own publishing company, of course, which gave me an opportunity to package the book in the way I really wanted it, with a snazzy new cover and everything.  The eighteen stories… Read more »

Presenter at North Coast Redwoods Writers’ Conference September 19-20

Scott William Carter   July 10, 2014  

Life is so busy these days I don’t have a lot of time for workshops and conferences.  However, a couple years ago I was a presenter at the North Coast Redwood Writers’ Conference in Crescent City, California and had such a good time that I couldn’t resist making a return appearance this year when I was invited to be a presenter…. Read more »


Scott William Carter   June 13, 2014  

It’s been far too long, but The Lovely Wicked Rain, the third in my Garrison Gage mystery series, is finally out in the world.  It was a lot of fun to spend a little time with Gage again, and I’m hoping my readers agree.  A little more information about the book is below.  These are standalone mysteries, so you don’t necessarily need… Read more »

All The Ways to Find Success as a Writer Start With Thinking for Yourself

Scott William Carter   May 30, 2014  

Over at The Passive Voice, there’s a great post titled, “Indie Authors Quitting Their Day Jobs” that’s worth a read: If you care to contribute such anecdotal evidence in comments to this post, please do. If you think it’s your private business, don’t be offended. Just don’t post anything. Feel free to post anonymously or under an online pen name… Read more »

A New Gage Book Coming Soon, Plus Some Thoughts on the Merging of My Two Careers

Scott William Carter   April 24, 2014  

Finally, a bit of book publishing news!  I’m putting the final touches on the next Garrison Gage book, The Lovely Wicked Rain.  That’s the cover on the right, though the final version might undergo a bit of tweaking. After copy editing, manuscript layout, and other publishing-related tasks, both the ebook and the trade paperback edition should be out in the… Read more »

Some Great Thoughts on Creativity

Scott William Carter   April 21, 2014  

Brainpickings.org has a great post today on creativity, focused on  Jerome Bruner’s book, “On Knowing: Essays for the Left Hand,” but loaded with musings from Mark Twain, Henry Miller, Carl Jung, Alexander Graham Bell, and Leo Tolstoy, among others, with lots of follow-up links if you want to read further.  At the heart of Bruner’s analysis is this simple sentence:… Read more »