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All The Ways to Find Success as a Writer Start With Thinking for Yourself

Scott William Carter   May 30, 2014  

Over at The Passive Voice, there’s a great post titled, “Indie Authors Quitting Their Day Jobs” that’s worth a read: If you care to contribute such anecdotal evidence in comments to this post, please do. If you think it’s your private business, don’t be offended. Just don’t post anything. Feel free to post anonymously or under an online pen name… Read more »

A New Gage Book Coming Soon, Plus Some Thoughts on the Merging of My Two Careers

Scott William Carter   April 24, 2014  

Finally, a bit of book publishing news!  I’m putting the final touches on the next Garrison Gage book, The Lovely Wicked Rain.  That’s the cover on the right, though the final version might undergo a bit of tweaking. After copy editing, manuscript layout, and other publishing-related tasks, both the ebook and the trade paperback edition should be out in the… Read more »

About Luck and Goals

Scott William Carter   February 28, 2014  

Yesterday on the way to work, I heard a great piece on NPR about the power of chance as it relates to success.  You can read the article, “Good Art Is Popular Because It’s Good. Right?” on NPR’s website, or even better, listen to the audio as I did.  Here’s the crux of it: To test how much of success… Read more »

A Novelist Who Doesn’t Read Novels Is Like a Loud-Mouthed Drunk at a Party Who Loves to Talk But Never Listens

Scott William Carter   January 31, 2014  

I was once in New York, and I listened to a talk about the building of private prisons – a huge growth industry in America. The prison industry needs to plan its future growth – how many cells are they going to need? How many prisoners are there going to be, 15 years from now? And they found they could… Read more »

A Free Class on Copyright

Scott William Carter   January 17, 2014  

Over at Writer-in-Law, M. Scott Boone, a law professor specializing in intellectual property law, is allowing his blog readers to follow along while he teaches a course on copyright: So, asking what is an “original work of authorship” is basically asking “What gets copyright protection?” Sure, there’s the “fixed in any tangible medium of expression” part, but that is not… Read more »

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (for Writers)

Scott William Carter   December 24, 2013  

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (for Writers) (an arrangement by Scott William Carter) ‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the publishing house Not an editor was stirring, not even an intern’s mouse All the contracts were done by the lawyers with care In the hopes that poor writers would see them as fair Then what to editors’ bleary… Read more »