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Merry Christmas from Me and Tim

Scott William Carter   December 25, 2010  

Merry Christmas, everybody.  Hope you’re spending it with family and friends, as I am.  Here’s a little treat, a personal favorite:  “White Wine in the Sun” by Tim Minchin.  And if you haven’t listened to Minchin before, check out the rest of his songs on YouTube.  Great stuff.

Obama Budget Proposes Eliminating Republicans

Scott William Carter   February 3, 2010  

Washington — In a little noticed provision in the new budget released by the White House, President Obama has proposed eliminating Republicans from both houses of Congress.  Press secretary Robert Gibbs had this to say: “The President believes that American families are tightening their belts, so the government should do the same.  Eliminating Republicans will save millions in payroll expenses,… Read more »

Note to Self: Exercise Can Cause Pain

Scott William Carter   February 2, 2010  

Note to Self: When you haven’t played five-on-five basketball in, oh, at least ten years, it’s probably not a good idea to go a good two hours doing so in a misguided attempt to prove that you are still as fit as you never really were. You’ll realize the truth of this in the morning when you experience pain in… Read more »

Don’t Click the Comment Link

Scott William Carter   January 25, 2010  

Note to self:  Dipping into the comments section in most political blogs is a good way to lose faith in humanity.  Worse, if you dip into the comments section of your local newspaper, you’ll not only lose faith in your fellow human beings, you’ll realize they live next door. Somehow it’s easier when I can tell myself that all the… Read more »

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Republican Party

Scott William Carter   January 21, 2010  

So the supposed 60-vote filibuster proof Senate majority didn’t last long, did it?  Personally, I found it depressing that the voters in Massachusetts would replace Ted Kennedy, a man whose life purpose was to bring universal healthcare to one of the only democracies in the world without it, with a Republican who will now most assuredly walk in lockstep with… Read more »

Random Thought: My Computer Might Be Preventing Me From Becoming a Bestseller (or: Typewriters Have Their Advantages)

Scott William Carter   January 6, 2010  

You know, there’s days I wish I wrote on a manual typewriter.  Then when I’m frustrated with something I could, with a great flourish, rip the page out of the typewriter, crumple it into a ball and toss it in the fireplace.  Then my wife could dig it out of the fireplace and claim it’s the best thing I’ve ever… Read more »