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Some Reminders for Folks Who Want to Argue on the Internet

Scott William Carter   February 10, 2014  

Recently, when I inadvertently ended up reading a little dust-up between a couple of science fiction writers — boy, science fiction writers do like to argue, don’t they? — I went searching for a list of all the common logical fallacies and stumbled upon this (click to go to the site for a larger image): It’s from, which offers… Read more »

The Amazon of Higher Education

Scott William Carter   January 7, 2014  

“Five years ago, Southern New Hampshire University was a 2,000-student private school struggling against declining enrollment, poor name recognition, and teetering finances.  Today, it’s the of higher education. The school’s burgeoning online division has 180 different programs with an enrollment of 34,000.”  Read the rest of “The Amazon of Higher Education” at I spend most of my waking… Read more »

Not Every Blog Needs a Comment Section. In Fact, Most Might Do Better Without Them

Scott William Carter   December 30, 2013  

Think the comment sections on YouTube videos are the cesspools of the Internet? You’re not alone. The AP has an interesting article up on the steps some sites, including YouTube, are taking to curb the rampant vile behavior you often find on comment sections across the Internet: “Mix blatant bigotry with poor spelling. Add a dash of ALL CAPS. Top… Read more »

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (for Writers)

Scott William Carter   December 24, 2013  

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (for Writers) (an arrangement by Scott William Carter) ‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the publishing house Not an editor was stirring, not even an intern’s mouse All the contracts were done by the lawyers with care In the hopes that poor writers would see them as fair Then what to editors’ bleary… Read more »

Summer 2013 Update

Scott William Carter   August 19, 2013  

It’s been a busy summer and it’s hard to believe that September is only a few weeks away.  Just back from a week-long camping trip with the family at Wallowa Lake, where we took a gondola ride up the Wallowa Lake Tramway, rode horses into the foothills of Mt. Joseph, explored Wallowa Lake in a little rented motorboat, played miniature golf,… Read more »

The Care and Feeding of Rubber Chickens Now Available in Paperback (and some thoughts on the future)

Scott William Carter   March 14, 2012  

For those of you who prefer reading books the old fashioned way, The Care and Feeding of Rubber Chickens: A Novel is now available in trade paperback.  The printed book also includes something the ebook doesn’t — excerpts from The Care and Feeding of Rubber Chickens:  A Manual. Here’s a shot of the cover flat (click it for a larger… Read more »

Lincoln and the Dragon Now Available as Audio Book

Scott William Carter   January 20, 2012  

Flying Raven Press has just released the audio book version of  Lincoln and the Dragon, a short novel of just under 100 pages at print length.  It’s now available at,, and  Listening time is just under two hours.  Special thanks to Gary L Willprecht for his excellent narration.  Here’s more about the book: The fateful first of January. That’s how Abraham Lincoln… Read more »