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All The Ways to Find Success as a Writer Start With Thinking for Yourself

Scott William Carter   May 30, 2014  

Over at The Passive Voice, there’s a great post titled, “Indie Authors Quitting Their Day Jobs” that’s worth a read: If you care to contribute such anecdotal evidence in comments to this post, please do. If you think it’s your private business, don’t be offended. Just don’t post anything. Feel free to post anonymously or under an online pen name… Read more »

A 25 Cent Book in 1950 Would Be $2.44 Today

Scott William Carter   April 8, 2014  

That’s if you trust the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with its terrific CPI Inflation Calculator, which lets you enter an amount going all the way back to 1913, and, with the click of a button, see what the inflation-adjusted price would be today — or another year.     I checked this site in response to David Gaughran’s blog post, “The Great  E-book… Read more »

The Public Library as Publisher

Scott William Carter   March 27, 2014  

As you’ve probably noticed, libraries becoming publishers is one of the developments I’m watching closely.  Here’s  Jennifer Koerber writing about “The Public Library as Publisher” at Library Journal: Unlike previous library publishing efforts, Provincetown chose to follow a curated model, using a selection jury made up of staff from the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center and the Provincetown Art Association… Read more »

Indie Bookstores on the Rise

Scott William Carter   March 17, 2014  

My friend Dean Wesley Smith has a great post up about how small publishers — even one person operations — can get their books into bookstores.  Definitely recommend you read his post, even if you’re coming at this from the angle of a reader rather than a writer.  Dean is right that this is just history repeating itself, but the… Read more »

About Luck and Goals

Scott William Carter   February 28, 2014  

Yesterday on the way to work, I heard a great piece on NPR about the power of chance as it relates to success.  You can read the article, “Good Art Is Popular Because It’s Good. Right?” on NPR’s website, or even better, listen to the audio as I did.  Here’s the crux of it: To test how much of success… Read more »

The Publishing Revolution Is Over: Indies Won

Scott William Carter   February 18, 2014  

Bestselling author Hugh Howey and an anonymous “data guy” set off a bit of a bomb in the publishing industry last week when they released a report that used a sample of Amazon data collected from dozens of self-publishing authors and used some sophisticated sales rank extrapolations to paint a pretty interesting picture of where the money and sales are… Read more »

Will Libraries Become Publishers?

Scott William Carter   January 23, 2014  

One library in Tennessee thinks so: IngramSpark is a publishing, distribution, and print-on-demand platform from the Ingram Content Group, built specifically for independent publishers and authors. The platform promises ebook distribution into 70% of the world, and print distribution to 80,000 retailers and libraries globally. The first book from the Williamson County library is a children’s book called Bucky and Bonnie’s… Read more »