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Postcards from the Garage: The Fall Leaf War Begins

Scott William Carter   October 24, 2009  

This one is from my driveway this morning.  Each year, about this time, the giant pin oak out front fires the first cannon of my annual battle with leaves.  It usually ends around, oh, February.  In between, there’s lots and lots of bins full of the wounded and the dead — er, leaves, I mean.

First Press Kit (Or Why I’m Not Kate Moss)

Scott William Carter   September 8, 2009  

I did something authorly today (pronounced aw-thor-lee).  I define this as doing something aimed squarely at promoting myself as an Author of Important Things, as opposed to doing something writerly, which, of course, has to do with that boring business of sitting in a room and typing. With a book and two short story collections soon out — and at the prodding of one of… Read more »

Goodbye, Old Friend

Scott William Carter   September 1, 2009  

Our family dog, Mankato, passed away over the weekend.  It was simply his time, living to the grand old dog age of 15.  He was the best of dogs — tolerant and gentle, friendly and kind.  When I close my eyes, I can still see him sitting behind the counter of the bookstore I owned for a couple of years,… Read more »

Postcards from the Garage: Bound Galleys

Scott William Carter   August 18, 2009  

Something cool arrived in the mail yesterday:  It’s the uncorrected proofs, or bound galleys, of my first book.  It’s really neat to see it in near-book form. Now I need to brainstorm some good writers who might like to blurb my book.  Anybody know Nick Hornby’s home phone number?  Just kidding.  No, really, does anybody have his number?