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Presenter at North Coast Redwoods Writers’ Conference September 19-20

Scott William Carter   July 10, 2014  

Life is so busy these days I don’t have a lot of time for workshops and conferences.  However, a couple years ago I was a presenter at the North Coast Redwood Writers’ Conference in Crescent City, California and had such a good time that I couldn’t resist making a return appearance this year when I was invited to be a presenter…. Read more »

“The Toy That Ran Away” in Moonscapes

Scott William Carter   February 21, 2014  

Don’t look now, but I have another story out:  “The Toy That Ran Away” has appeared in Moonscapes, volume six of the Fiction River anthology series.  It features an intrepid interstellar private detective named Dexter Duff, who’s also appeared several times in other magazines.  When Dexter is asked to retrieve a child’s sophisticated robotic toy from a ravaged moon, he… Read more »

Summer 2013 Update

Scott William Carter   August 19, 2013  

It’s been a busy summer and it’s hard to believe that September is only a few weeks away.  Just back from a week-long camping trip with the family at Wallowa Lake, where we took a gondola ride up the Wallowa Lake Tramway, rode horses into the foothills of Mt. Joseph, explored Wallowa Lake in a little rented motorboat, played miniature golf,… Read more »

Ghost Detective – Now Available

Scott William Carter   June 22, 2013  

Since I already posted a little background info about my newest book, Ghost Detective, this is just a brief post to say that the book is now available for purchase both in paperback and ebook.  Please see this page for links to all the various retailers. Hope you check it out!  If all goes well, I do plan to write… Read more »

THE DEATH OF A PSEUDONYM: Why I Wrote as Jack Nolte, and Why I’m Republishing Those Mysteries Under My Own Name

Scott William Carter   May 14, 2013  

Three blog posts in a week?  That’s some kind of record for me.  This is a longish post, but if you’re a fan of the Garrison Gage books, or why a writer might choose to write under a pen name, you might find this interesting. A couple days ago, when I wrote about my upcoming novel, Ghost Detective, I mentioned… Read more »

GHOST DETECTIVE: Coming this Summer

Scott William Carter   May 12, 2013  

I’m pleased to announce that I have a new novel coming this summer, one I’m very excited about:  Ghost Detective. In a world where everybody dies but nobody leaves, Myron Vale is the rare individual who completely straddles both sides of the great divide. Read the full blurb below, as well as the first chapter here, and see if it… Read more »