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New Book: The Man Who Made No Mistakes

Scott William Carter   June 14, 2012  

Exciting news!  I’m pleased to announce the publication my latest short story collection, The Man Who Made No Mistakes, available as both a trade paperback and an ebook.  Although I sometimes release ebook-only mini collections, this is what I consider my third major collection.  (The Dinosaur Diaries and A Web of Black Widows being the first two.)  It contains stories… Read more »

“The Android Who Became a Human Who Became an Android” Reprinted in Russian Magazine “If”

Scott William Carter   November 14, 2011  

My science fiction story with a rather long title, “The Android Who Became a Human Who Became an Android,” has been reprinted in the Russian magazine, Esli, which roughly translates as “If” in English.  It was originally published in Analog in September 2010. I got my contributor copy in the mail over the weekend, mailed all the way from Moscow,… Read more »

A Tale of Two Giants – Read the Opening

Scott William Carter   October 9, 2011  

It’s wet and drizzly and cool here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley — in other words, perfect reading weather.  I’ve posted the prologue and first chapter of my latest fantasy, A Tale of Two Giants, over at the Rymadoon site.  If it’s wet and drizzly and cool where you are (or even if it’s not, I suppose), I hope you take… Read more »


Scott William Carter   August 31, 2011  

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my latest novel, a fantasy aimed at younger readers (or the young at heart) called A Tale of Two Giants.  It’s set in Rymadoon, the same world where I’ve set Drawing a Dark Way, though this one is in a different Lost Land — Mana Thune.  (I’ve deliberately set up Rymadoon so there’s… Read more »

Strange Ghosts: Five Stories

Scott William Carter   July 28, 2011  

It’s a little early for Halloween, but if you’re in the mood for a ghost story I’ve got a collection that might be up your alley.  Flying Raven Press has just released a collection of five stories by me — four all-new tales and one reprint — that’s available in all the major electronic formats.  The blurb from the sites,… Read more »

Tales of Twisted Time: Four Time Travel Stories

Scott William Carter   June 13, 2011  

Who doesn’t like a good time travel story?  Following on the heels of last week’s mini story collection, Flying Raven Press is releasing another four-pack of short stories for your e-reader, these all centering around time travel.  But not all entirely in the way you might expect. Here’s the official blurb that appears on the sites: In these four riveting… Read more »