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Dispatches from the Frontlines of Fatherhood: Donut Wisdom

Scott William Carter   August 26, 2009  

A conversation with my three-year-old son this morning, when he was eating a donut (something that rarely happens): Me:  I don’t want to hear any whining, though.  Whiners don’t get donuts. Son:  I’m not a baby. Babies cry like a baby. Me:  That’s true.  It’s okay to cry sometimes, though.  Just not when eating donuts. Son:  Yeah.  Babies don’t get… Read more »

Spring Update

Scott William Carter   May 11, 2009  

If you’re into Twitter, I broke down and finally created an account.  You can find me at  With my crazy life, I’m not sure how much I’ll be on there, but I figured I should at least try it.  I also found a nifty WordPress tool (the open source software I use to update my website and my blog)… Read more »

The Grateful Atheist

Scott William Carter   March 2, 2009  

I have my beliefs, and I don’t want to rain on any one’s parade, so I generally don’t try to pick fights with the religious crowd.  Mostly, I envy them.  That belief in an after-life is like a nice warm blanket you can pull over yourself when the cold realization of your own mortality overcomes you.  That feeling suddenly overcame… Read more »