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WR 450: Writing for Publication (Western Oregon University, Spring 2015)

Scott William Carter   February 12, 2015  

About a year ago, the English department at Western Oregon University (the day job part of my life) approached me about possibly teaching a course on writing and publishing — steeped in the kind of practical, nuts and bolts stuff that someone needs to know to write for publication today. I’m pleased to announce that it’s finally come together, and I’ll… Read more »

Winter Update: New Myron Vale book coming soon

Scott William Carter   February 6, 2015  

Just a quick winter update on multiple fronts. That picture at the top is from a little weekend getaway that Heidi and I took to the Nye Beach area of Newport, Oregon. We stayed in the fantastic Slyvia Beach Hotel, where every room is themed after a different author. I took the picture on the beach below the Yaquina Lighthouse…. Read more »

Presenter at North Coast Redwoods Writers’ Conference September 19-20

Scott William Carter   July 10, 2014  

Life is so busy these days I don’t have a lot of time for workshops and conferences.  However, a couple years ago I was a presenter at the North Coast Redwood Writers’ Conference in Crescent City, California and had such a good time that I couldn’t resist making a return appearance this year when I was invited to be a presenter…. Read more »

How Prepared Are New College Grads for the Workforce?

Scott William Carter   February 26, 2014  

As you might expect, the answer to that question varied a lot depending on who was asked: The survey, conducted by Gallup in partnership with the Lumina Foundation, indicates that just 11 percent of business leaders “strongly agree” that today’s graduates have the skills and competencies that their businesses need. In contrast, a recent Gallup survey found that 96 percent… Read more »

The Party’s Over for Higher Education

Scott William Carter   February 4, 2014  

Clay Shirky, a leading thinker on the social and cultural effects of the internet, as well as a Professor of New Media at NYU, posted recently about “The End of Higher Education’s Golden Age.”  He provides a succinct history of how higher education got to its current troubles, then goes on to talk about possible solutions.  A key quote: Many… Read more »

The Amazon of Higher Education

Scott William Carter   January 7, 2014  

“Five years ago, Southern New Hampshire University was a 2,000-student private school struggling against declining enrollment, poor name recognition, and teetering finances.  Today, it’s the of higher education. The school’s burgeoning online division has 180 different programs with an enrollment of 34,000.”  Read the rest of “The Amazon of Higher Education” at I spend most of my waking… Read more »