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Summer Update: Buying a House, an Eclipse, and Other Writerly Disruptions

Scott William Carter   September 7, 2017  

First, a tiny bit of publishing news. A Lighthouse for the Lonely Heart, the fifth Garrison Gage book, is now available in audio. You can download it at Audible, Amazon, and elsewhere. Steven Roy Grimsley continues to do a fantastic job narrating the books. In addition, it seemed like about time for another general update. I know, I know, I’m… Read more »

New Book Published: A Lighthouse for the Lonely Heart (a Garrison Gage Mystery)

Scott William Carter   May 23, 2017  

A new book! As I mentioned to my intrepid newsletter subscribers yesterday (over 3200 strong now!), A Lighthouse for the Lonely Heart is now available in both ebook and paperback. The audio should follow in a few months, as usual. While releasing another book into the wild may not be quite as exciting as the first few times I did it,… Read more »

Postcards from New Zealand and Fiji (April 2016)

Scott William Carter   April 30, 2016  

(A shot of Otago Bay from Larnach Castle in Dunedin, New Zealand.) Partly to celebrate our upcoming 20th anniversary in August, partly because the kids have wonderful grandparents who are happy to watch the kids for a few weeks, and partly because I’ve come to believe that these sorts of adventures are good for both the body and the soul,… Read more »

Two Reasons I Love Oregon, a Brief Update, and a Helpful Metaphor for Writers (And Other Creative Professionals) Struggling with How to Spend Their Time

Scott William Carter   March 25, 2016  

Reason #1: Reason #2: The two pictures above were taken about a week apart, both in the heart of winter here in Oregon. The first was at Cape Lookout, a two and a half mile hike that juts almost straight out into the Pacific Ocean. We took the whole family in early January and it was warm enough, even with… Read more »