A Lighthouse for the Lonely Heart: Cover and Description

Scott William Carter   May 13, 2017  

I’ve gotten quite a few emails from readers asking when the next Garrison Gage book will be available. First, let me just say how much I appreciate such avid fans! It’s been really gratifying seeing my readership grow in recent years, and my hope is to write at least one book about my curmudgeonly private investigator a year while also writing other books. Honestly, it’s no hardship. I love revisiting my old friend.

More importantly, the fifth book involving Gage, A Lighthouse for the Lonely Heart, is nearly done. I’m waiting for the final pass from the proofreader before it goes into production, which should come back in the next few days. So end of the month, most likely. I appreciate your patience. Until then, I’ll whet your appetite with the cover and book description:

A Lighthouse for the Lonely Heart
A Garrison Gage Mystery

They find his body at the bottom of Heceta Head Lighthouse—Ed Boone, a longtime volunteer who commits suicide rather than see his grim diagnosis to its bitter end.  The strangeness of the old man’s death makes the local news, but Garrison Gage thinks little of it until the famous Nora West sneaks into town with an unsettling letter in hand.

Professing he wants to go to his grave with a clear conscience, Ed claims to be Nora’s biological father. But the revelation stirs up all kinds of complicated emotions for the talented but troubled musician, who hires Gage to find out the truth.

Yet the truth may be a lot more disturbing — and dangerous — than either of them expect.


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So what’s the next book after this one? Ah, I never talk much about works in progress for fear of wrecking my creative process, but let’s just say that in the early going it’s both like everything else I’ve written and not like anything else I’ve written at all. I’ve code named it the Big Epic and we’ll see where it goes. Having fun, which is the important thing.

More soon.