A Shroud of Tattered Sails – Cover and Description

Scott William Carter   November 20, 2015  

Shroud_webcoverThat’s the cover for the upcoming Garrison Gage book, A Shroud of Tattered Sails, which is on target for a late December release. (Since I’m a pretty infrequent blogger, and only marginally better at social media, I always suggest signing up for my mailing list if you want to know right when my books are published.) You can click the image if you want to see a slightly bigger version. Might be a few last minute tweaks, but I’m pretty happy with it, so I doubt much will change. Here’s the book description, which will have to be enough to hold you until the book is out:

A beached sailboat. A missing man. A distraught woman staggering ashore. There to greet her—Garrison Gage, full-time curmudgeon and part-time private investigator, who quickly finds himself thrust into his familiar role of crusader for the desperate and downtrodden. The woman claims to have no memory, but is she lying?

When a body later washes ashore, the mystery deepens and the stakes ratchet up another notch. Dark money and even darker intentions. Violence both threatened and real. The woman may be at the heart of it all, or merely an innocent interloper who chose the wrong boat at the wrong time. Only Gage can discover the truth.

It was a lot of fun to return to Gage and his friends. They really are like family to me now, and I’ve been gratified that so many readers have felt the same. Hope to continue writing about his adventures for many years to come. Can’t promise to only write Gage books, of course, but I do hope to return to him at least once a year. Now that I’m back to getting two hours of writing in before I come to the university each day (rather than focusing that energy on graduate school, which I finished earlier this year), that should be quite doable while still allowing me to tackle other kinds of books.

Speaking of that, I’m already a couple chapters into the third Myron Vale book and having a blast.