1000 Email Subscribers Reached – Summer Mailing List Giveaways – Sign Up Today!

Scott William Carter   May 16, 2015  

Just last week, my mailing list crossed over 1000 subscribers. It’s a neat milestone, and a nice reminder of how many new readers I’ve picked up lately. Thank you! To show my appreciation, I’ve decided to do some giveaways for my fans. If you sign up before Sunday, June 21 (the first day of summer), you’ll be eligible for all the following FREE prizes:

#1 . . . 3 people will receive one FREE ebook of the next Garrison Gage mystery at least twenty-four hours before it has been published, as well as a signed paperback edition of that book to be mailed a few weeks after publication to a United States address. Right now, this book is scheduled for a Fall 2015 release.

#2 . . . 5 people will receive a FREE signed trade paperback copy of one of my already published Garrison Gage books or one of my Myron Vale books, mailed at my expense within the United States, whichever book the winner chooses.

#3 . . . 20 people will receive coupon codes for FREE copies of the audio edition (via Audible.com) of all three Garrison Gage books

#4 . . . Everyone on my mailing list will receive a coupon code for 50% off the print edition for all the Garrison Gage books and all the Myron Vale books, good for one month. You can use it on one book or all of them. Shipping not included. That’s right. Everyone.

You can keep the prizes for yourself or give them to others. Remember, to be eligible all you have to do is sign up for my mailing list. Crazy? Well, I’ve had a good year as a writer, and this is the least I can do to show how grateful I am. Your email will never be shared with others, and I only email a handful of times a year.  All the prizes will be selected randomly. And no, I’m not running this giveaway on any of the popular contest sites.  This is just for my readers.

And if you’re on the list?  Don’t sweat it.  You’re already eligible.

I hope it’s worth five seconds of your time. Feel free to tell others, so long as you think they’d be interested in my books. Sign up here:


The fine print:  No purchase necessary to enter or win. To be eligible for the giveaway, you must be on Scott William Carter’s email list before June 21, 2015. You must be over 18 years of age and, alas, a resident of the United States. (Blame Canadian and European laws, folks; I love my international readers.) Odds of winning any prize are approximately 1 in 1000, except for #4, which will be awarded to all people on the mailing list before June 21, 2015. Winners will be notified via email.