Scott William Carter   June 13, 2014  

It’s been far too long, but The Lovely Wicked Rainthe third in my Garrison Gage mystery series, is finally out in the world.  It was a lot of fun to spend a little time with Gage again, and I’m hoping my readers agree.  A little more information about the book is below.  These are standalone mysteries, so you don’t necessarily need to read the first two before reading this one, but they are books heavy on character, with an extended cast that return from book to book, so if you want to start from the first book, check out the Garrison Gage page on this site for more information.


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Genre: Fiction | Mystery

A troubled young man.
A murder that shocks the town.
Buried secrets exposed to the world.


They find him on the beach, shooting bullets into the sand. 

His name? Jeremiah Cooper, the son of the bullheaded high school football coach. Slight of build, soft of voice, he’s got all kinds of torment lurking behind his eyes. But despite Garrison Gage’s best efforts, he can’t pull the kid out of his shell. Then someone turns up dead at the local community college, and Jeremiah’s fragile world shatters.

Add a crisis in Gage’s good friend’s life, an ongoing feud with his adopted daughter about her life choices, and a hauntingly beautiful FBI agent with secrets of her own, and it’s a lot more drama than a half-retired private investigator with a bum knee wanted. Whatever happened to quiet rainy nights sipping bourbon, watching the sun sink beneath the waves on the Oregon coast, and trying to think of a ten-letter word that means grumpy and glad about it?

But before Gage can even write the word curmudgeon, he’s pulled deeper into Jeremiah’s world–a world of sex, secrets, and a sadistic evil that preys on human weakness.

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The Garrison Gage Mysteries (in chronological order):

  • The Gray and Guilty Sea
  • A Desperate Place for Dying
  • The Lovely Wicked Rain