Free Podcast: “The Elevator in the Cornfield”

Scott William Carter   August 18, 2013  

Just back from a fun camping trip with the family, unwinding, unpacking, and getting used to civilization again.  I’ll be back with a longer post in a day or so, a bit of a summer update, but I wanted to mention this before I miss the chance:  My story, “The Elevator in the Cornfield,” is available as a free podcast up at the WMG Publishing website.  It’s only up for free for a few more days, so check it out.  Of course, you should also consider buying the book, Time Streams, edited by the incomporable Dean Wesley Smith and another great installment in the Fiction River anthology series.

A big hearty thanks to Jerimy Colbert, who narrated the story, and Jane Kennedy, WMG’s Audio Producer, who put it together.

More soon.