Tales of Twisted Time: Four Time Travel Stories

Scott William Carter   June 13, 2011  

Who doesn’t like a good time travel story?  Following on the heels of last week’s mini story collection, Flying Raven Press is releasing another four-pack of short stories for your e-reader, these all centering around time travel.  But not all entirely in the way you might expect.

Here’s the official blurb that appears on the sites:

In these four riveting tales, Carter takes a classic of science fiction – the time travel story – into surprising new territory. A man finds a room where time doesn’t pass in the spellbinding “The Time Of His Life.” When a scientist becomes the first person to time travel, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” refuses to be left behind in this touching tale. A salesman on the road has a chance encounter with a girl who gives him a glimpse of his “Happy Time,” a better life that might have been. And in “Static in a Still House,” a garage sale hunter finds a baby monitor tuned into the future and makes a harrowing discovery.

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