Free Short Story: “The Human Addict: A Dragon’s Tale”

Scott William Carter   April 4, 2011  

Dragons didn’t need to eat but once every full moon, so gluttony was considered the worst of their crimes. The fascinating tale of one dragon’s struggle with a rather unusual addiction . . . [Download here.]

In an effort to help get the word out about my new fantasy for younger readers, Drawing a Dark Way, I’ve made my short story “The Human Addict” available for free.  If you want to buy it directly from Amazon or B&N, for your Kindle or Nook, you can do so, but it will cost you 99 cents.  If you want it for free, head over to; you’ll have to create an account, but that won’t cost you anything.  Included at the end of the story are the first couple chapters of Drawing a Dark Way.

You don’t need an e-reader, either — you can read it in PDF format on your computer.