Interview With Me in Local Newspaper

Scott William Carter   August 15, 2010  

I’m famous!  I’m famous!  Okay, just a little.

Our local newspaper, which has a circulation around 50,000, ran an interview with me in Sunday’s paper. With a photo and everything.–Getaway–for-young-adults

I think it came off fairly well, though after doing a couple interviews now I’ve realized how easy it is to misinterpret something.  This isn’t the fault of the reporter, who I think did a good job, but more my fault for letting myself ramble a little too much and not realizing that, well, I was talking to a reporter.  For example, you might get the sense reading the article that I can take the whole summers off from my job at the university and loaf around my house in my flip-flops.  Alas, no.  What I meant was that I take more of my vacation days in the summer, when it slows down a bit at the university.    Hope the folks who sign my checks at the university understand that . . .

Speaking of that, it’s been interesting slowly losing my anonymity as a writer.  I’d gotten used to being something of a secret writer, preferring for the most part not to tell many people about my other life even as I started having some success, but the cat’s really out of the bag now.  Which is fine, I guess, it all comes with the territory as you take the next step up the publishing ladder, but it is something I’ve had to come to terms with.