Games Writers Play #17: One Page a Day = One Book a Year

Scott William Carter   May 11, 2010  

gwpOne manuscript page — a double-spaced page with 12 point font — averages out to about 250 words.  Most writers, once they get moving, can write 250 words in 10-20 minutes.  Here’s the other amazing fact:

One page a day = one book a year.

That’s 365 pages.  Or 90,000 words.  All with only twenty minutes a day.

Whenever I’ve let myself get discouraged by how long it takes to write a book, or how little time I seem to have during the day to write, I remind myself of this fact.  Surely I can find 20 minutes somewhere during my day.

And heck, if you’re writing for forty minutes, you’re writing two books a year and considered incredibly proflic by most of the world.


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