Scott William Carter   April 7, 2010  

webblackcoverMy mini collection from PS Publishing, A Web of Black Widows and Other Stories of Love and Loss, has garnered some nice reviews.  This one over at (a leading online site dedicated to dark fantasy) is particularly good:

“Scott William Carter makes it look easy. But if anyone thinks that writing good, intriguing fiction with a clear, plain voice is easy . . . Well, they should try it sometime.

Carter seems to me to be a writer who will not box himself into any fiction category. He is a cross-genre traveller. And he travels far, casting his webbed net into strange seas, hauling up peculiar treasures.

All of these stories are restrained but involving pieces. All over this showcase represents the rise of a tall, wide and clean-cut talent, still developing in upwards motion.”

You can read the rest of the review here, which actually provides a nice summation of all six of the stories in the collection.

And of course you can buy the collection here!