10 Crazy Writing Metaphors

Scott William Carter   October 26, 2009  


  1. Writing is like having an egg salad without the eggs.  Or the salad.
  2. Writing is like holding your breath underwater while wearing scuba gear.
  3. Writing is like pretending to be Neil Armstrong while Neil Armstrong gives a speech on what it’s like to be Neil Armstrong.
  4. Writing is like going to a flea market actually run by fleas. 
  5. Writing is like being the guy in a cannon at the circus who’s naked but nobody knows it. 
  6. Writing is like remembering everything but suddenly having amnesia.
  7. Writing is like trying to talk your way out of getting a speeding ticket — on a unicycle.
  8. Writing is like making a mobius strip with a start and a finish.
  9. Writing is like waking up and having it all be real.
  10. Writing is like being a midget and a giant at the same time — on a unicycle.

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