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Scott William Carter   August 16, 2009  

Some good news.  I’ll be publishing a collection of my best short stories with Fantastic Books, tentatively titled THE DINOSAUR DAIRIES AND OTHER TALES ACROSS SPACE AND TIME.  I don’t have a publication date yet, but the hope is to have it out before my first book hits the stands April of next year.  Doug Cohen, who in addition to working for Fantastic is also the assistant editor at Realms of Fantasy, where the title story of the collection appeared last year, is the acquiring editor.  Warren Lapine, who owns Fantastic Books and a number of other publishing enterprises, recently bought Realms of Fantasy, which is one of the reasons I approached them about the collection.  Doug was also instrumental in the first story I sold Realms (“The Grand Mal Reaper,” which will also be in the collection), so there’s some nice synergy there.

I’m excited about this for a number of reasons.  The first is that it’ll be great to finally have a collection of my best short stories available for people who like my work.  It’s always tough when people ask where they can find more of my stories and I have to point them mostly to magazines which can be hard to find without a subscription.  I’m also excited because if all goes well I’ll have two collections available before my first book is published.  The first, A WEB OF BLACK WIDOWS AND OTHER STORIES OF LOVE AND LOSS, is a mostly original collection that PS Publishing should be out with later this year in a very limited collector’s print run of only 500 copies.  It’s a short collection, around thirty thousand words, of darker stories all centered around love and loss.  I’m very proud of this one.

The Dinosaur Diaries collection, however, is a more motley mix —  fantasy, science fiction, mystery, light and dark, somber and fun, and everything in between, stories that appeared in places like Analog, Asimov’s, Ellery Queen, Weird Tales, and of course, Realms of Fantasy.  I’ve tossed in one new story, but otherwise it’s eighty thousand words of what I consider my best short fiction so far. 

I’ll have more news on the collection down the road, including a full line-up of the stories, but for now it’s enough to say that I’m excited to make it available to my legions of fans.  Okay, maybe not legions yet, maybe not even a single legion, but we’re working on that . . .

4 thoughts on “New Collection Coming

  1. Sarah Totton

    Congrats, Scott! I guess this means we’re now part of the same publishing family. Maybe we’ll wind up doing signings of our collections at the same convention :)

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