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Scott William Carter   May 27, 2009  

All across the world, living in conditions that are scarcely imaginable, suffering emotional hardships that no human being should be asked to endure, are millions of writers who could use your help.  Act now: For less than a dollar a day, you could sponsor a struggling author through the HopeWriter Initiative. Think of it. For about the cost of a used paperback at a library rummage sale, you could offer a ray of hope to one of the millions of scribes living in wretched apartments with five roommates or down in the cold, dusty basements of their parents’ houses.

Your generous donation can provide them such things as:

  • Printer paper
  • Top Ramen
  • Toner Cartridges
  • Gift cards to Goodwill
  • Subscriptions to Writer’s Digest
  • Crisis intervention with distraught parents and/or marriage counseling
  • Personal hygiene kits

As a HopeWriter sponsor, you are connected to one special writer who will know your name and be warmed by the thought that they have at least one dedicated reader in the world.

In return for your kindness, you will receive monthly, well-written emails from your sponsored writer, including snippets from their works in progress, as well as the occasional photo of them sitting at a computer.

You are also encouraged to correspond with your writer, and your letter, email, or Facebook post will offer these wordy souls a moment of hope in their daily struggle against a brutal, heartless regime that threatens to crush their spirits. In the end, your generosity might make the difference between a life of obscurity and bestsellerdom. You could be the answer to a writer’s prayers. Act now.

One of the many writers you could sponsor . . . 

Scott William Carter from Oregon

Gender: Still married male
Grade: Some post grad
Country: United States
Health: Very pale due to lack of sun exposure
Word Processor: Microsoft Word






6 thoughts on “Help the Economy: Sponsor a Writer

  1. Scott Post author

    The program is currently in the beta testing phase, but I’ll be sending out application forms to needy writers in the near future. Stay tuned.

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