Two Pages a Day? That’s all?

Scott William Carter   March 13, 2008  

Ever since I got serious about writing — which dates back to January 2002, I remember it well — I’ve been pretty compulsive about tracking my progress.  I’ve got spreadsheets up the wazoo.  It may seem a bit anal to some folks, but think about it this way:  if you were a factory that made gizmos, wouldn’t you want to have good reliable data on how many gizmos you made a year, your sell-rate on gizmos, and just where in the world your gizmos were going? 

My spreadsheets help me not only maintain a professional focus with my writing, they help me stay honest with how hard I’m working at it.   It’s too easy to pretend you’re a writer if you’re not keeping track of how many words, pages, and manuscripts you’ve produced.  I don’t want to pretend.  I want to be.

Anyway, I was updating one of my spreadsheets when I came upon a number that surprised me.  For the last six years, I’ve written 1,136,341 new words of fiction.  Yay for me — more than a million words of fiction!  That’s a lot of short stories and novels.

But hold on a minute.  If you divide that number by the number of days (365*6=2190), you get . . . 519 words a day.

Which is roughly the equivalent of two manuscript pages a day.

That’s all.  Just two pages a day. 

Food for thought.

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