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Scott William Carter   January 29, 2008  

After recently selling my first book to Simon and Schuster, it dawned on me how many first-time novelists are published each year — over ten thousand, according to some estimates.  Most of these books get very little exposure.  To help, I decided to create a blog called The First Book:

Along with basic info about the book, there will be an author interview. I’m going to try to do two a month, more if I can.  If you know of any debut authors, send them my way.  The only criteria is that their second book can’t have appeared yet. 

The first interview has appeared and the second one is lined up.  Check it out.

It’s a very tiny bit of exposure, but every bit helps.  How long can I keep it up?  Who knows, but I’ll try to at least do it until my own first book appears in print.  Maybe then I’ll hand it off to another writer — someone like me, who has sold a book and is awaiting its publication. 

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