A New Year

Scott William Carter   January 17, 2007  

It’s been a couple months since I lasted posted — no surprise, I guess, me being the not-really-a-blogger that I am — so I thought I should do a quick update. Of course, there really isn’t much to update, at least not anything I can talk about in detail, but I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’ve vanished. (Well, come to think of it, maybe I would, that might create a sense of mystery, and I do love a good mystery, but I guess by making this post I’ve missed that opportunity, darn it.) My agent went to market with the fantasy novel, and there’s interest brewing from a number of publishers, which could be very good indeed, but we have to wait to see how it all shakes out. It could all end up being a lot of smoke, too, so I’m trying not to get too excited. Needless to say, there are lots of hurdles a book has to jump over, even after an editor is interested in it. Other editors in the department have to get behind it, the marketing department has to get behind it, etc, etc.

Otherwise, work on the new novel progresses, I’m working on a collaboration with another writer on a new short story, I got a rewrite request back from a magazine on another, and I’ve got a number of other stories in various stages of completion. Lots of good stuff. I like being a busy writer more than anything else.

The good news is that I think my productivity is getting back, maybe even surpassing, what it was before my son’s birth back in February. You wouldn’t think having a second child would be that big of an adjustment, but I found it a lot harder to carve out time with two children than with one. Not that I’m complaining. My kids are both a joy and a wonder to me, and I cherish every minute with them, even those minutes when I’m simultaneously changing a poopy diaper while dealing a three-year-old’s temper tantrum, but there’s been a fair amount of mental anguish while I tried to find the right balance again. So let’s put it this way: 2006 was a good year, but it wasn’t an easy year. I’m hoping 2007 is both better and easier.

Anyway, on to 2007. A belated Happy New year to everyone!

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